About The Faerie Tailor

Emily Bazeley

Emily is a lifelong, self-taught artist who grew up immersed in nature and an endless imagination. With both her Father and Grandmother being accomplished artists who specialised in minute detail and precision the inspiration was everywhere.

As a collector of beautiful things, Emily has always been most captivated by the miracles found in nature, and her artwork reflects her deep love of the natural world. Although she has made faerie houses and clothing for as long as she can remember, she began making them available to humans in 2008, and since then has exhibited in galleries and shows all over Ireland.

Her striking pieces are instantly recognisable because of their uniqueness… both individually and as an art form.

Artist’s Biography;

Emily Bazeley was born in the fens of East Anglia, England, several decades ago to an artist and a teacher. She moved from the flatness of the fens to the hills of the Cotswolds while still quite young, where her love of nature was nurtured by the freedom of a childhood in the countryside. Annual family holidays to the North West coast of Scotland gave her access to the unspoiled wild places where the fairies of every little girl’s imagination really live amongst the mosses and heather. Many happy hours, days and weeks were spent making homes, gardens, clothes, and toys for the little people from anything she could beg, steal or borrow from nature or understanding parents and grandparents. Whilst always being fascinated by this other realm, she found life’s realities getting in the way as she was forced into being a grown up. After experimenting with various types of expression and media through the years Emily found little to really fire her creative imagination until the arrival of her own fairies in 2001. Her twin daughters gave her the perfect excuse to rediscover her love for the energies of the natural world and of ancient mysteries, which has, in turn, lead to a unique way of combining all the passions and interests she has held dear throughout her life.

Artist’s Statement;

I have always been captivated by the beauty, subtlety, and sheer magic contained within each petal of a flower, each vein of a leaf; not to mention the miracle of seeds, nuts, acorns and fir cones. In almost every book on my bookshelf, there is at least one flower or leaf collected and pressed oh-so-many years ago. This is clearly an inherited pastime as my Grandmother (who had spent a lifetime doing exquisite paintings and embroideries of flowers) gave me a box for my birthday several years ago. I was delighted to find it full of pressed flowers and grasses that she had collected over the past forty years and was never able to find a use for. I really wanted to do something worthwhile and beautiful with this special gift…..and out of this box came the first item in the ‘Enchanted Wardrobe’.

Since then, these creations have developed into something of an obsession. I find that now I can’t go for a walk without a good sized bag with me, and when I went on holiday I hadn’t even gotten out of the airport car park before I was collecting leaves I had spotted while we were landing. ‘Oooh, look at those leaves’ has become something of a standing joke among my friends and family. I find myself continually knee deep in a hedgerow or attempting to scale a tree to reach ‘that bodice’ or other must-have items of fairy couture.  I never imagined I would become a slave to fashion, but here I am!!